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What is Lead Generation?

In simple words, lead generation is the process of increasing the number of customers in the pipeline and this is the basic need of every business, whether you are dealing in B2B, B2C or small businesses. Through various digital marketing tactics we help you find the right audience, digital footfall or visitors who might become your customers and give you a huge conversion rate with minimum investment.

Business leads are full of customers’ information, which you can optimise and leverage in accordance with your business requirements. For example, you can select which customer information fields are of value to you, and which you would like to discard, such as their name, address, email id, phone no, etc. You can let us know whether you would like to keep it brief or whether you prefer full descriptions as per your requirements.

In this process, we take care of all the technical complications, and we manage all the marketing campaigns, content, query forums etc. You can sit back and relax as we provide you with direct leads in your account. All you need to do from thereon is to follow up on the leads and have conversations with them for their requirements.

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B2B Lead Generation

How It Works

Lead generation process is not as easy as it seems. Before proceeding with the stage of lead generation, all product or service details should be clear in terms of pricing, target location/audience or lead requirements with an actionable structure. At Strukture, our digital marketing experts will assist you take decisions in the right direction for optimum business query outputs.

Following that we setup the entire chain of social media channels, Adwords or e-mail marketing campaigns.

Most importantly, all the lead generation processing cost will be borne by Strukture, we charge only for the leads generated.

Business Queries
Why QUERIES Research is Improtant:

Lead Generation Research

Internet users are increasing rapidly every day. Now is a time when we can see huge changes in the Indian economy as a direct result of the internet: resources and opportunities are on a hike therefor we can generate endless online business opportunities for us.

To ensure higher reach for lead generation, we leverage this digital boom by observing carefully the latest trends and technologies tools that arise every day, which help us find and target the potential customers in each industry.

We can track them via social media and increase their interest for interacting with your services or products through engagement strategies. Well-represented marketing communication is the key for gathering the right audience for the right product and we take this aspect very seriously.

As part of our Online Reputation Management (ORM Services), we take care of product or service representation via attractive carousels, info-graphics, slides and PPTs, gif images, short videos or animations.

The entire process is strategically and precisely designed for the purpose of generating ‘genuine’ leads, and this is achieved by thoroughly understanding the purpose, practice and applications of your business model. Therefore, every strategic lead generation plan is actually tailor-made exclusively for individual client.

Leads Acquisition Platforms

Channels of Leads Generation

  • Search Engine Optimization – Increasing the organic traffic of your websitse via indexing the high traffic relevant keywords, build high domain authority links.
  • Social Media Campaigns - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter and other social media platforms that we utilise to generate targeted leads.
  • Google Adwords - PPC, CPV, CPM, and various metrics and tactics that we implement to quantify, analyse and achieve goals.
  • E-Mail Marketing - Creating html mailing templates for constant communication to your customer.
  • Whatsapp or Text Messaging Campaigns - Direct business approach to the customers for your business services via WhatsApp or Text Messaging.
  • Live Webinars - On special demand of customers we conduct live webinar sessions where business owners can represent their businesses, products or services directly to their audience.
  • Print Advertising - Hoardings, Advertising Banners, Flyers, Visiting Cards, Posters, Wall Hangings, Brochures
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Lead Generation for Businesses

Since this is the basic requirement of every business, (without customer data or leads you can’t increase your business) customer leads are the soul of any business development endeavour.

We cater and specialise in lead generation requirements across a variety of industries: hotels, colleges, industries, mines, factories, textiles and any small or large business organisations.

After spending thousands in marketing budget on traditional channels, there is still no surety of right customers for your business. Whereas, we assure you 70% - 90% accuracy in genuine leads.

Strukture offers exclusive specialisation and flexible plans of Lead Generation for educational brands dealing in B-Tech, MBA, LLB degrees, or other types of college institutes, schools, private coaching, entrepreneurs, travel partners, hotels and real estate ventures.

Digital Marketing
Business to Business Queries

Currently businesses attract leads via third party directories and lead generation websites that charge exorbitant amounts. These portals usually sell their data to the highest bidder in the market with duplicate sets of data.

Such practices corrode the percentage of potential conversions and decrease the possibility of holding on to your potential customers.

In contrast, our lead generation service is wholly committed to serve singular clients with absolute exclusivity, ensuring that your lead data stays with you alone.

Our tailor made campaigns are client specific and can only be used for the expansion of your brand or business. This gives you a sharper edge over your competitors and at a cheaper cost.

At Strukture, you can rest assured of genuine leads, something that will become a game changer for your business. Now, you can solely focus on conversions without worrying about lead generation.

Lead Generation Reporting Formats and Durations

As per our strict confidentiality policies all lead data is mailed to the customer/client on a daily or weekly basis as per the contract obligations. A ‘cumulative leads report’ is provided at the end of month with detailed insights into campaign results. Clients can remark or review scores on each query data, giving points for accuracy. We send our reports in the xls., pdf. or other viable text formats. A Google Drive is setup for the client with two-way security and accessibility, where all the latest lead data is dropped at regular intervals.

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