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Content writing is a process of planning, writing, and editing any content that you see on the internet today, basically for digital marketing purposes. Content writing intends to provide “speech” to a website, summarising the basic idea of the brand.

Online Content Writing Services

Here at Strukture we provide you with the most authentic content write-ups, providing you with thorough information about the topics. We intend to provide 100% fresh and unique web content, we cover all types of category and topics for the write ups. Each and every content goes through the process where we analysis write-ups via Plagiarism, Grammarly, SmallSeoTools etc. Some of the content write-ups that you’ll find here are:


    One of the most popular internet marketing strategies in this digital world is SEO. For the webpage/ website to become a success it is very important for the business owner to build a SEO-friendly website, so that your website can be listed on the top of the result list. Our services, assist you to build an SEO-friendly website so that you raceway ahead of your competitors.


    Blogging refers to writing, photography, and other media that are self-published on the internet. The hallmark of a blog is frequent updates, the informal language used, and provides an opportunity for the readers/visitors to interact. Blogging is as simple as building a website and publishing authentic content on the website. We provide you with eye-catching blogs published by our professionals.


    Writing an effective product description is a must when it comes to selling your brand online. Firstly, knowing your audience is the first stepping stone. Then, mainly focus on the merits of the product in a very natural and convincing tone. Always use good product images, visuals play important role in attracting the audience. Providing you with the best and considerable product descriptions.


    Social media the most acquainted word for our generation. Social media refers to websites and applications that are designed for people to share content easily and quickly. Social media posts help the business to grow, it conveys the central idea about the brand and gathers a large number of audiences attracted with the social media posts.


    It is a piece of writing that is usually written for a large number of audiences. The main objective of article writing is to be published on a large scale so that it could make a difference to the world. Writing articles on your websites, providing visitors with all the information required regarding a brand or your product.


    In digital marketing, a landing page refers to a standalone webpage, created specifically for marketing or advertisement campaigns. This page, unlike the other pages on the website, has a single goal, i.e.; Call-To-Action (CTA). The main idea behind these standalone pages is to increase the conversion rate of your marketing campaigns.


    A press release is a short, captivating news story that is published by relation professionals and is sent to the targeted audience. Press releases can be used for a business owner to attract more audience through the medium of news. It is a marketing strategy to catch the eye of the target audience.


    Infographics are the graphic/ pictorial representation of information, knowledge, or data that aim to present information more clearly and understandably. Visual aids are the best way to provide a better understanding of the content to the users. It is a collection of imagery, charts, and text to give a better understanding of the topic.

Copywriting is the process of writing persuasive promotional and marketing materials that motivate the readers to take some action, such as, making a purchase, donating for a cause, or schedule a consultation. These materials provide written promotions that are published online. Strukture brings forth the promotions of all forms:


A medical copywriting is a technical form of copywriting, the role of a medical copywrite is to describe the medical devices, their benefits, their compositions, the problems they solve, and how safe they are to be used by the consumer. He promotes your brand, increases your visibility on the internet, and helps you grow.


A financial copywriting is that writer who knows all the products that are involved and has the expertise to break down the complexities into simple forms. Cutting down the jargons to convey your brand’s message effectively.


A legal copywriter delivers content that is easy to be understood by non-lawyers but still has the authority to appeal to your fellow competitors. They have to be up to date always. Providing the audience with interesting and informative writing, a legal copywrite can make the clients actively engaged.


It is the process of providing video content to the customers for their websites. Adding visual graphics to your website through videos or short films can catch the attention of the target audience in no less time. Video production is one of the services that we provide at Struckture.


It is an advertising strategy that focuses on a specific target market. Instead of generalizing the advertisement, the advertisement focuses on one group of potential customers. A brand can use niche marketing to stand out that others and appear to be more valuable and establish a long-lasting relationship with the ideal audience.


Academic writing is that piece of content that is clear, concise, structured, and backed up by a shred of evidence. It has a formal tone and style. It demonstrates the understanding and knowledge about a particular subject.


A small business when compared to a large business can increase credibility through websites, whereas large businesses require more refine work on their webpages.

Content Writing

Associating with Strukture provides you with all the given below services:

    SPEECH WRITING – Speech writing is an art of a message to your audience. Conveyed either through oral communication or through other means. It is just same as the normal writing, persuading the customer to absorb the message of the brand.

    MARKETING PITCH - It’s a line of talk that is intended to convince the customer, like a presentation to sell a product or service. It can certainly be used to gain more clients or promoting your business.

    BROCHURES - It is one of the most effective market strategies even today, simple to produce and easy to distribute. Brochures are considered to be an informative version of your organization’s core message.

    LETTER WRITING - A marketing letter template is written by a seller to convince the customer about the services provided by the firm. The objective of these letters is to advertise the products and services.

    BRANDING SLOGANS - A branding slogan is a small set of words that are used by a business to make its products and services stick in the minds of the customers. It invokes the mood and creates a bond with the customer.

    PRESENTATIONS – Making presentations for your audience, to convey and promote the information desired sets the audience’s expectations. Engaging them in a story catching their interests can be supremely beneficial.

    EMAIL MARKETING - It is the act of sending emails to the customers to request business, advertisement promotion sales, and much more. Every mail sent to a current customer or future customer is considered to be email marketing.

    POST DESCRIPTION - Providing a complete description about the content that is posted on the internet. Keeping your customers completely informed about your branding and motives.

    REVIEWS AND RATINGS - Reviews are the feedback of your customers that are displaced public on your website. Having positive feedback from your current customers can impact the mindsets of your other visitors in a great way. Giving the best experience for your customers is quite essential.

    PROFILES - Creating a profile as a business owner and having the reviews of your happy customer is a plus point for your reputation among your customers and viewers.

Content Marketing

Here at Strukture, we serve you with dependable first-hand content write-ups. Having our professional writers present content just for you. Your assurance is of great importance to us here at Strukture. Join us today.

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